Tracking number:
  • KITI has assigned package
  • KITI has received package
  • Package handed to traveler
  • In Transit
  • Out for Delivery
  • Delivered


These are the questions that we get asked the most. If this does not answer your question or concern, kindly call us or complete the form on the Contact Us page

Yes, It is legal. there are no laws against this.As long as the package is inspected prior to boarding and ensuring it is within the law of the destination country.

Each traveler can transport at most 4 packages from KITI as long as the total weight is within the limit the traveler is willing to spare.

Travelers are paid after we have received receipt of delivery to the agreed location

The delivery time of your package is dependent on when we have a traveler available. We strive to get our customers the best and fastest way to get their package delivered to their preferred destination.

Package senders are not allowed to ship any package that is over 20 lbs in weight?

Duty tax and fees are dependent on the type of good and the destination. We will however inform you ahead of time if any tax will need to be paid and add that into your payment in order to prevent paying any extra fees out of your pocket.