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Travel And Ship Smarter

KITI offers cutting edge services to all our customers. Our goal is to reduce cost of international shipping while making travelers earn money on their trips. This process has been streamlined to make both parties happy.

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Who We Are

This platform was created solely for the purpose of creating a solution for travelers and shippers and we intend to keep it that way. KITI gives travelers the opportunity to make money while traveling and gives shippers the opportunity to save money on international shipments.

At KITI, we always place our customers first. Travel and ship smarter!

Save up to 50% On Shipping
Earn up to $250 Per Trip as a Traveler
Who we are


Our mission is not only to make life easier for our users, we are also looking to reach out across the world.

Whenever a package gets delivered, a child is fed somewhere in the world.

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What People Say?

The process was very straightforward and I got paid as soon as I delivered the package to the agreed location in Nigeria. Will definitely recommend.

  • steve martien